Load from live stockpiles or transport directly after production

This is what we do

Iron Ore

Moisture Reduction Systems Limited is the leading provider of mineral drying and handling services. We have operated on sites across the globe and in keeping with our forward-looking approach, we are enjoying the development of our expertise within the iron ore market.

Our expertise and service lies at the point of loading of cargos at dockside and at source. Our knowledge and awareness of the strict requirement to load a product within the Transportable Moisture Limit “TML” permitted by SOLAS, enables us to work with you in order to achieve this objective and avoid substantial and costly delays to the ship sailing. Similarly, our focus of providing the solution prevents the added issues faced during transportation itself.

Our ongoing objective and focus is to work with you to provide a solution to your requirements, that results in not only enabling you to continue to operate and deliver at the optimum level, but also to provide a solution that eliminates the need for double-handling of the product, which results in large cost savings and prevents and minimises environmental impact.