One of the most important parts of the mining process and in the production and processing of raw ore, is what to do with the reject and waste material.


Particularly with the reduced solids content these tailings when discharged into standing ponds can increase the risk of dramatic and significant failure of dams and therefore, significant environmental impacts.

In the recent past and following legislation; there is more and more focus upon rectifying and removing this potential. Through the removal, or reduction in the water content of tailings, these materials can be effectively ‘dry-stacked’ and thus significantly reduce the threat both socially and environmentally.

MRS Technology

Moisture Reduction Systems understand that current methods of tailings management can be problematic to facilities as the dry tailings process is expensive due to higher capital and operating costs

Patented System

MRS are perfectly placed to implement our cost-effective patented tailings dewatering system that is bespoke to each and every client’s specific operation and needs. With our system, the need for a physical tailings dam is either removed or greatly reduced and the water removed is recycled either back into the processing plant and thus reducing a cost to the client, or discharged safely into nearby natural water sources. This ‘dried’ material can then be stacked and then be reclaimed with native soil and vegetation on top.

A solution adapted to your needs

MRS will carry out a detailed site survey of the area and set out a plan with the customer that best suits the requirements in order to increase the efficiency of the production processes. We will carry out a detailed analysis of the production and throughput of ore through the plant. We will then put forward our engineering layout to be agreed by the customer and then set out the timetable for installation and implementation.

If tailings are a concern for your operations, or you would like to improve your production efficiency, then get in contact with us and we can begin the transformation!