Tarmac, Eaton Hall Quarry, Cheshire

MRS Ltd provided a solution to reduce fluid bed dryer time and improve materials handling on site through the removal of wash water at base of stockpiles.

Following pre-planning meetings with MRS, Tarmac’s management team acted upon the free drawdown pumping test data of D10 particle size sieve analysis and falling head testing. They concluded that MRS Ltd had the solution to reduce the considerable amount of time materials were spending in the fluid bed dryer and to improve materials handling on site through the removal of the residue of wash-water at the base of the four stockpiles, which causes stockpile slump.

The Challenge

  • Provide a fast track project and installation
  • Minimal impact on production and operations
  • Exclude upward and horizontal recharge of ground water
  • Reduce wash water consumption and general energy costs

The Solution

MRS Ltd provided the solution that reduced the time materials spent in the fluid bed dryer and removed entirely the residue of wash water at the base of the stockpiles, which has led to improved handling of the materials on site and provided a platform for increased productivity of materials.

The solution provided additional benefits such as

  • greater fuel efficiency by eliminating the need for forced drying;
  • a drier product in a shorter period of time than gravity drainage;
  • improved handling for front-end loaders;
  • no pollution of surrounding water bodies;
  • no stockpile slumping, resulting in safer working conditions;
  • no frozen stockpiles in winter months;
  • same day loading direct from stockpile;
  • re-use of clean abstraction water to meet washing and/or other on-site water requirements; and
  • eliminated double-handling from one stockpile to another in the instance of limited storage space.