Sugar, that ancient commodity, prized for its ability to create energy in food grossed annual production across the globe of 168,000,000 tonnes. It quite literally keeps us going. Therefore, this is a particular focus of Moisture Reduction Systems Limited’s forward-looking development and visionary strategy.

During the conveying to storage process, the product due to its increased hygroscopic nature absorbs moisture and this can lead to a detrimental effect on the finished product as well as continued maintenance costs. Furthermore, between the temperature of the product during conveying and the optimum temperature for packaging, there is a key requirement that condensation does not build up. This is to prevent a reduction in quality of the final product.

If the sugar is dried in the conventional format, this can be a very time-consuming process. At Moisture Reduction Systems Limited, we believe that our system will reduce the time taken between conveying and packaging significantly, so as to prevent the time-consuming process of conventional cooling processes that create a build-up of condensation in storage and a resultant deterioration in quality.

If proper conditions are not adequately maintained, this common problem of moisture build up will result, causing mould growth and a reduced product from providers.

It is our ambition to remove this moisture build up at the storage stage, whether in silo or otherwise and in an environmentally friendly manner.