Steel Producer’s Coal stockpiles reduced from 12% down to 6.2% moisture content, India


Moisture Reduction Systems were contacted by one of the largest steel producers in the world to provide a solution that would give a regular and consistent moisture content throughout the year, particularly during the annual wet monsoon season.

One of the problems that the client was experiencing was that the moisture levels were too variable and therefore a consistent moisture level was required in the material that was entering into the blast furnace. If the material was too dry, then water was required to be added; resulting in an increased cost to the process. However, if the material was too wet, then the entire process was becoming increasingly operationally and financially inefficient.

The annual average moisture level of the material was 11.5% moisture content. However, during the monsoon season, this would increase to approximately 14% moisture content. Moisture Reduction Systems Limited were tasked with providing a solution to reduce the level to an average of between 7.0% and 8.0%.







  • Reduce moisture content to specific levels and maintain
  • Monthly average moisture level not below 7.0% and not above 8.0%.
  • Efficient and reliable operational use
  • Deliver commercial efficiencies



Moisture Reduction Systems drew upon their knowledge and understanding of the operational process and requirement at the Steel plant in order to design and install a bespoke- tailored solution that would deliver to the customer the regular and specific moisture levels. The result was that the system delivered a monthly average moisture content of 7.2%. The customer was extremely happy with the system and its performance that further systems were ordered and Moisture Reduction Systems installed these at the customers’ other operational sites.