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A key element in the process of harvesting and dredging salt is the location of and the storage itself, as this has an important bearing on the quality of the final product.

Salt is highly permeable and despite its natural drainage, the product when stockpiled maintains a significant moisture content. Moisture Reduction Systems can create an environment that will encourage the excess and retained moisture to flow from the stockpile at the same time as accelerating the natural drainage process. This enables our customers to reach the end product in a much shorter and cost effective manner, so as to enable faster and greater production year round.

If the salt becomes wet, it can produce spoilage and ultimately be lost. We set to prevent this environment through the prevention and removal of excess water, wash water run-off and residual moisture to maintain as much of your harvested product as possible.

At Moisture Reduction Systems, we keep this ambition firmly in mind and our primary objective within our design methodology is to improve handling and transportability. In addition, our consideration of the environmental and storage management issues remain at the forefront of our solutions, so as to prevent run-off from the stockpiles themselves, following harvesting, or during the storage process.