Pelletising plant pellet feed of 12.00% reduced to 5.00% moisture content

MRS Ltd installed quick reaction system and achieved rapid moisture reduction for dockside client receiving Iron Ore off of large bulk carrier vessels.


The client had contacted Moisture Reduction Systems Limited after receiving a referral that they were the company to talk to with regards to reducing the moisture content in Iron Ore. The client was experiencing large fluctuations in moisture levels on their incoming ore from the vessels. The material during transport particularly at the base of the holds was becoming increasingly problematic and costly to unload and stack. In some instances the material had increased to 12.00% moisture content.

The client asked Moisture Reduction Systems to design a system that would manage the increased wet material to enable product throughput at the mill to remain at the targeted levels and to provide an opportunity to increase and accelerate throughput. At the current moisture levels this was not possible and the delays and added energy consumption was resulting in high and unnecessary costs to the process.




  • Increase and accelerate throughput of material
  • Improve product handling
  • Reduce moisture content in short timeframe
  • Provide a reliable, consistent and cost-effective solution
  • Reduce OPEX


Moisture Reduction Systems tailored a schedule and delivery with the customer to install a successful system in a short timeframe that delivered the results whilst simultaneously working around the customers ongoing operational and production schedule so as to provide minimal downtime, which enabled the customer to operate at their usual production and operational capacity whilst having the solution installed.