Norman Emerson & Sons Ltd, Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland

Moisture Reductions Systems solve stockpile drainage problem and transform company operations for Lough Neagh sand producer.

The problem faced by Norman Emerson & Sons Ltd was the lack of site drainage, which was being caused by run-off from their six linatex cyclone stockpiles. The site was prone to considerable surface saturation and flooding from the stockpile run-off, resulting in large puddles around the site and multiple streamlets discharging directly into Lough Neagh.

There were further operational challenges presenting on site and Northern Ireland’s Water Management Unit, part of the Environment and Heritage Service were becomingly increasingly concerned and had urged and pressed Emerson & Sons Ltd to find a solution to the problem. The possibility of an extensive drainage system around the entire site had been firmly rejected, mainly due to cost grounds. Moisture Reduction Systems had the solution.


  • Remove poor drainage issue
  • Stop pollution of adjacent water source
  • Alleviate operational difficulties on site
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Assuage pressure from Government department.


Owing to the geographical nature of the system, we invited the Emerson & Sons Ltd management team to observe one of our previous solutions in action in England. Having seen the system, the Managing Director, George Emerson placed an order for a similar system en route back to the airport.

The entire system was installed and fully operational in four days. We have had fantastic feedback that the site has been virtually water free, which has resulted in a huge increase in operational efficiency and has successfully resolved the company’s environmental concerns.

The drying time of the material has been reduced from three-four days to around six hours. The result is a faster turnaround of products and the moisture content in the finished stock destined for further kiln drying has been greatly reduced, resulting in considerable cost savings. Colin Emerson has commended us for “literally transforming the company’s operations.”