MRS Ltd solve high moisture issues in DSO Sinter Feed at mine site guaranteeing TML


Due to the significantly high rainfall in Africa; the customer was experiencing the consistent issue that the material was too wet to load and was resulting in the trains and vessels being loaded with reductions in throughput and capacity as a second intermediary stockpile was required prior to loading. The problem was enhanced by the secondary problem of loader-operators finding it increasingly difficult to access the stockpile due to the risk of stockpile collapse and the surrounding apron area leading to the reclamation process slowing significantly.



  • Remove surrounding water of the stockpile apron to improve access for loaders
  • Reduce moisture content to increase throughput and transport capacity
  • Guarantee TML for shipment
  • Provide stockpile stability ¬†and reduce stockpile slumping
  • Provide solution to operate continuously through loading and reclaiming




The solution provided by Moisture Reduction Systems was to provide an intensified system to manage the significantly high rainfall and water volume coupled with the need to remove the intermediary stockpile element. Following the installation, the system performed as designed and removed all free water from the stockpile area and further reduced the moisture content of the DSO enabling the material to be loaded freely and without restriction onto the vessels. The system was installed so as to allow individual sections of the stockpile to be reclaimed with the system continuously operating. This allowed simultaneous stacking and reclaiming of the material and to maintain production and increase a regular dispatch loading capacity.