Bauxite stockpile with reduced residence time and lower moisture


Loading of wet material is often a challenge faced by many producers, particularly in climates that experience high rainfall. The increased moisture and water in the material leads to a reduced capacity in the total cargo load, but also leads to increased residence time for the stockpile to allow for natural drainage to take effect. These are two of the primary reasons that MRS Ltd were contacted by one of the world’s largest bauxite producers. Due to significant rainfall during the wet season, the material would be subject to longer residence times and so MRS were tasked with providing a solution to help reduce the time, which could lead to costly delays and reduced cargo loads.


One of the problems that the client was experiencing was related to a capillary action cycle of water being reabsorbed back into the stockpile base, particularly during the wet season.


With this material, there was a high clay content which was leading to reduced drainage and low permeability. This had the potential to cause operational inefficiencies owing to the peak-month average rainfall being in excess of 28mm per day.






  • Reduce moisture content and remove significant surrounding water
  • Help to reduce residence time
  • Discharge water away from stockpile
  • Prevent capillary action at the base of the stockpile


Moisture Reduction Systems installed their patented system to meet these challenges and from the outset and the moment the system was switched on; the water was visibly removed and discharged from the area.